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#7 Japanese Contemporary Art History Group [3331 Frontline]


Hi, I am Hideki Iinuma ,  Art presenter.

Today, a series of 5 people into groups of Japanese contemporary art history.

2011 Art Chiyoda 3331 Tokyo Front Line Group

For short

[3331 Frontline]

What’s going on Japanese art ?

What is contemporary art in Japan?

Contemporary art is difficult?

I want to learn painting. Who is the most popular Japanese artist today?

The answer to this questions on 

Art Presenter Hideki’s blog

Art x together.

After the 2008 Lehman Shock, 

there is an exhibition to rebuild the Japanese art world.

That is the Tokyo Front Line in 2011.

An alternative art space created using the power of the government and the private sector.

3331 Arts Chiyoda.

Exhibition was opened at the same time as space opening.

The group that chose 5 people this time.

This is a summary of the five people who have been highly evaluated since 2020.

table of contents






So, let me introduce you immediately.

# 1 [Chiba Masaya] Japanese Contemporary Art Group [3331 Frontline]


The tallest artist in this era is 

Masaya Chiba.

The way his witness has spoken has the ideal image the artist who wants to be an painter from the stereotype view.

Tall and mustache, long hair. It is a modern painting of Modigliani.

He was born in 1980,

He shows works at Art Complex Roppongi , exhibited at Shugoarts long-famous Shugo Satani’s gallery.

A few years ago he held a large solo exhibition at Samsung Gallery in Korea,

He raised his name recognition.

A solo exhibition will be held next year at the Opera City Art Gallery, tokyo.


His paintings, while being real object motif,

He add some motifs.

Many layers are created.

What is a layer?

This is a technique for overlapping different pictures 

and characters by layering each piece of paper 

when designing with a personal computer.

This technique is also used in landscape paintings by Paul Cezanne, 

the father of modern painting.

# 2 [Tomoo Gokita] Japanese Contemporary Art Group [3331 Frontline]


The second thing to introduce

When I met him,

You’re an artist from Takaishii art gallery, right? 

I asked,

I belong to this kind of gallery

He was told.

At the same time, I was desperately presenting to the contemporary art galleries in Japan,

It was surprising to look down on the most famous gallery in Japan.

You know What did that mean?

He had a great dream and confidence trained in the United States.

After all, He gut the originality of his black and white painting.

There is power that no one can reach.

He was born in 1969,

With a review published in the New York Times in 2005

He has become famous.

Last year we have a large solo exhibition at the Opera City Art Gallery in Tokyo

The large screen paintings with acrylic gouache has received high praise overseas,

The overseas auction transaction value in 2019,

His ranking 41 he is a man, who are  the top 100 in the world.

# 3 [Hideki Iinuma] Japanese Contemporary Art Group [3331 Frontline]


The third one, of course, is my work

The artist to be featured on the 2011 frontline #3.

Currently, I presented works in Japan and Europe,

and in Japan he belongs to a gallery called SNOW Contemporary.

In Europe, Marian cramer gallery and Germany Cornelius Pleser gallery.

Born in 1975,  44 years old of April 2020. Today.


I also participated in Art Basel in Switzerland and Art Basel Hong Kong a few yers ago.

My works connects contemporary art and fashion and uses Japanese traditional wood carving techniques to create new expressions.

# 4 [Youichi Umezu] Japanese Contemporary Art Group [3331 Frontline]


The fourth artist to be featured on the 2011 frontline.

He is no stranger.


Because He is making a video work that walks in the forest naked.


Like the Impressionist painters Surah and Signac,

Point drawing is characteristic.

He was born in 1982,

He opened a painting class himself,

By exhibiting his own work along with the students’ work in the painting class,

He continue to question the boundaries between amateurs and professionals.

# 5 [Toru Kuwakubo] Japanese Contemporary Art Group [3331 Frontline]


This year December 2020

He sets for a solo exhibition at the Chigasaki Art Museum.

Featured in Tomio Koyama Gallery.

His work painted in thick paint,

It has the power to draw what you see into a painting.


Not transmitted on prints or tablet screens.

The charm of his paintings will be real when you see the real thing face to face.

He was born in 1978,

He is  familiar with modern art history.

His expression uses the technique of not mixing painting oils.


Yes, the same as the genius Van Gogh.

He also writes his own text,

The story is included in the world of painting.

Important artists that could not be introduced this time. Japanese contemporary art artist

Other famous artists my same era.

The 3331 front line was chosen.

If I add more 5 people,

Shimon Minamikawa who also introduced last time.

Daisuke Oba and Yusuke Komuta who belong to SCAI The Bath House.

And Taro nasu gallery painter Usukubo Kaori.

There is Kengo Kito who has planning talent.

Summary Japanese Contemporary Art Group [3331 Frontline]

How was everyone?

These five artists

Looking back 30 years later,

You can see the exhibition held in 3331 Tokyo Front LINE in 2011 as one turning point.

Because the times always want one art group.

Impressionism, young British artists, New York abstract expressionism, pop art etc…

Speaking of Japan, it is a group like a GUTAI and a super flat.

History wants to grasp the artist.

Thank you for reading to the end.

In the future, 

I will introduce attractive Japanese art,

Please register for the e-mail magazine. (To be built)

In addition, my exhibition catalog at Matsumoto Art Museum,

Selling online.

I am happy if you are going to buy it.

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