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9 best contemporary art galleries in Tokyo

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Introducing the most advanced art galleries in Tokyo.

The contemporary art gallery in Tokyo is divided into three areas. 

  • Roppongi area centered on the Mori Art Museum and the National Art Center, Tokyo.
  • Terada Art Complex, a short walk from Shinagawa Station.
  • An area centered on the chic fashion town of Omotesando and Shibuya. 

Then I will introduce. It is good to go around these three areas in time to visiting TOKYO contemporary art galleries.

Roppongi art scene where the highest peak galleries gather in Japan

First, let’s introduce around Roppongi station.

The Mori Building Mori Art Museum and The National Art Center, Tokyo. is always holding an international ART exhibition

Complex  665.

If you want to see black and white photos that symbolize the city of Tokyo, such as Araki and Daido Moriyama, I recommend Taka Ishii Gallery in the Gallery Complex  665.

This building has a gallery of contemporary art that represents Japan, such as ShugoArts, and Tomio Koyama gallery, which also participates in international art fairs, where you can see many seasonal art.


Just next to the building is the Piramide Building, which houses a gallery. The gray building that surrounds the courtyard houses the contemporary art gallery, which represents the 80’s.


Wako Works of Art,

Taro nasu

SNOW Contemporary in Nishiazabu

The large intersection where you walk down while watching the Metropolitan hight way running from Roppongi to Shibuya.

Located on the 4th floor of the building at the corner of the crossing is SNOW Contemporary.

which introduces the hottest artists who stand out in Japan and abroad, including Tatsuo Kawaguchi, mono-ha artist.

Tennozu Terada Art Complex

Terada art complex has become a spot of new culture by gathering Tokyo’s famous galleries in one huge warehouse space.

The gallery is on the 3rd to 5th floors,

You can see emotional paintings Yuka Tsuruno gallery.

 Anomaly were created by integrating the three galleries. 

SCAI Park with blue chip artists such as Anish Kapoor , Mariko Mori and Tatsuro Miyajima.

If you add two other galleries that I recommend.

You can see the young Japanese art such as Kosaku kanechika gallery and Nukaga Kotaro gallery, which are newly independent young gallery.

It is also fun to see the downtown area of Tokyo by taking the red train Keikyu LINE from JR Shinagawa Station and walking from two stations, Kita Shinagawa or Shinbaba Stations. It takes about 5 minutes on foot from Rinkai Line Tennozu station. If you take a bus from Shinagawa station, you will be in front of you.

Aoyama Omotesando area dotted with chic fashion spots

Then it is the third last

There are three galleries in Omotesando

Located in the basement of a multi-tenant building next to Shibuya Hikarie,Nanzuka.

Immediately after getting off at Shinjuku Meiji Jingu station on Takeshita Street. The Big Gallery in New York, Bram & Poe

Running a Select Shop New York H.P.France. hpgrp Gallery Tokyo

If you want to add more additional information in Omotesando area,

It is a small size art museum

Watari Museum

There are two other young and energetic galleries

Maki Masahiro Gallery

Mahokubota Gallery


The 9 best galleries in Tokyo have been introduced above.

I’ll try to organize and tell it again

Roppongi art scene

Complex 665 with Taka Ishii , Tomio Koyama and Shugoarts,

And Piramide with Pelotan, Taro Nasu and Wako.

Nishiazabu with SNOW Contemporary,

Tennozu Terada Art Complex

Sky Park,

Yuka Turno,


In the area of Omotesando

Shibuya with  Nanzuka

Harajuku with Bram & Poe

Omotesando with Hpgrp Gallery 

Everyone, discover the unforgettable experiences of your favorite from the best contemporary art scene in Tokyo. 

I found art galleries on my own foot in various cities in Europe and found the pleasures better than a popular touristic place.

Milan, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, London, New York. I want you to tell the wonderful experience in the art city of Tokyo.

If you are still unsatisfied, visit my art studio on the large Tama River between Yokohama and Tokyo. 15 minutes from Shibuya. We look forward to at any time. Email

So, have a good trip.

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