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What is the crustal movement of art in Japan caused by the corona disaster? [Rebellion against modernism]


Francis Bacon denied illustration and promoted that painting was painting. Similarly,Peter Doig pursued painting,and the British art market was selected by art dealers on the basis of “painting”,which could be this high-priced product.

But what about now,the world is dominated by illustration art. Works drawn in a flat manner with the handwriting erased,with the illustrations copied to the tableaux as they are.

This means that we are at a major turning point in modernization,starting with Jackson Pollock. In other words,the big painting boom that started after the 1945 war has undergone a big change in the bursting of the bubble economy in 2008 and the corona disaster.

That’s because Corona has made it online,and only the shapes,and colors that can be seen online are being evaluated. At the heart of art is something that shows the artist’s character online.

Tomoo Gokita is a good example. This big swell is also the Japanese rebellion against the West,which stands on the upper level. Kusama’s net painting became the foundation for this,and the painting that Murakami and Nara promoted is coming to an end,and a new phase has begun.

Artists from illustrators,such as Yoshitaka Amano and Keiichi Tanaami,have stood up to deny that. Tadanori Yokoo has run the exact opposite. Since he was an illustrator,he has a longing for foreign countries,that is,he inherited Francis Bacon,Gerhard Richter,Doig and painting. He admired this and declared himself a painter.

But what about the times,with the advent of Banksy and Cowes,that is,in the whirlpool of graffiti drawn on the roadside called graffiti,seeking uniqueness,own characters and tags that are not buried in the colorful crowds. The artist who survived the battle to portray it. After all,it was an illustration.

It can be said that the art market is waiting for these motifs and characters that can be seen at a glance by going online. In that sense,Izumi Kato is one of the artists who has succeeded in creating characters while affirming the painting quality.

Behind this is the large Asian market. It would be the success of Hello Kitty as seen in Taiwan. The character that subtracted something called a “mouthless cat” that you see everywhere created originality,and this illustration has become an art that has opened up a new era.

The big procession of UNIQLO and Cowes collaboration T-shirts in China in 2018 to prove it was probably the moment when the illustration won the painting. 

The second proof is that the small pumpkin lithograph,which anyone can see,is more popular than Kusama’s wonderful net painting in the auction results.

Paintings starting with Paul Gauguin and Paul Cézanne created by Western society. Being a painting. Yes,it was a rebellion of painting by the invention of photography. Painting has been pushed forward with the globalization of the world,but it may actually be a remnant of the authoritarianism of the British Empire.

The world loses its value by watching the artist’s handwriting and breathing at the museum due to the 2020 coronavirus,and the evaluation is concentrated on works that can be recognized as the artist at a glance,such as KAWS and Banksy Kusama seen at the auction. .. Because we can only see the work online.

The present of Japanese art.

In Tokyo,there is a three art area where galleries,Roppongi,Tennozu,and Omotesando Shibuya,gather. In a sense,it is no exaggeration to say that it is a competition to attract collectors in these three areas.

Redevelopment of Shibuya by undergrounding the Tokyu Toyoko Line,which began with the recent construction of Tadao Ando. Renovation of Marui to rebuild Modi and Parco,and rebuild Tokyu Plaza in a short period of time. Shibuya Hikarie made to resemble the New Museum. In addition,complex facilities such as XX Square are open all over the place. The momentum of Shibuya does not stop.

Roppongi also has limited land,and the Mori Building Mori Art Museum and Midtown are already obsolete. In Corona,the Mori Art Museum in the Mori Building is sealed by an escalator that cannot avoid the social distances and the space without omission has already become an outdated architecture.

In that sense,the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art,Kanazawa,built by SAANA is located on the ground floor with its windows open all the time,and it is said to be the best architecture to make a social distances while appreciating art.

Kanazawa is driving the boom in crafts,including the relocation of the Tokyo National Museum of Modern Crafts Museum to Kanazawa. However,if you turn your attention to art,crafts are daily necessities that have the beauty of use. It’s not art.

This blog focuses on art. I would like to talk about the changes in fine art in contemporary times.

Noriyuki Haraguchi disappeared,and the last message left was delivered by vimeo’s rental content. It describes an episode of how Mono-ha was born in the modernization of Japan and how it rebelled against modern academic art education.

According to it,artists gathered at the art research institute started by Kobayashi called B-zemi,and by working hard,they created Japanese art that has never been seen in academic art education.

It was a work that incorporates the reincarnation of Japanese people,such as trees and stones in the natural world,and the value that God dwells in all things from ancient times. Noriyuki Haraguchi and Koji Enokura focused on substances rather than things in the natural world.

And this became an art unique to Japan that was completely different from the Western art that had been modernized so far.

Let’s take a look at Japan today. Now that the coronavirus has restricted us from going out and we no longer have the opportunity to see real paintings,I think art is becoming an illustration and a character. Mural and graffiti that people can see who’s work is what raises the evaluation. The enormous paintings and the F12-sized paintings to satisfy the collection habit are becoming Rolex. In other words,it is distributed as a luxury item.

You can see that this logic is correct when you look at the fact that graphic artists are soaring 10 times in the secondary market.

Now,artists will need to think like data scientists. Which art will seize the era and open up a new era? I actually go to the exhibition,come up with answers with my own sensibility,and find fun.

However,in reality,doing art or painting means choosing one or the other. Where do you put your beliefs and your soul to face the painting? there’s the problem.

A painting that started from the studio shokado (cafeteria )built in the 2000s and flowed to the “dots”. From the time when the artists from there dominated,they are now on the side of teaching college,and perhaps modern and contemporary art will be conservative. Because they try to pass on the vested interests they have acquired and their skills to younger people. But what about the students? The artist who have survived in the art market and art world are rebels who opposed the regime.

Now that the mono-ha and even the GUTAI that have become the academic art of the university have become a counter element. New illustrators and designers from graffiti,mural art,and street art are entering the art and getting excited.

This big stream becomes solid in this corona wreck and becomes obsolete if you can’t ride the good waves like surfing. The time will come when the painting will be famous in 10 to 20 years. It is the goodness of human handwriting,the goodness of the technique,and the beauty of handwriting as IT advances. 

This is because it will be re-evaluated. 

But now that we’re in this big character boom,there’s no need to refuse it.

Then,create your own original character. And,based on that valuable and firm belief,create a large number of works and disseminate the image.

so. It’s like graffiti writers who draw their own tags throughout the city. .. ..

December 4,2020 Avant-garde sculptor  Hideki Iinuma

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