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Is the beauty salon okay? How to cut your hair [Self-cutting] way of Backhair Easy method 5 steps

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Lost jobs at hair cut salon and barbers?

An easy method that will make you feel uneasy and will look cool.

How to cut your own hair

I’m also worried about going to the beauty salon with Coronaurs.

But it’s okay. Everyone can cut own hair with self-cutting.

I’ve looked up information on the trend of self-cutting, and put it together in five steps.

Self-cut in 5 steps

Please buy only Squeeze scissors at Amazon.

There is nothing else.

You can use what you have at home.

It is completed in 5 steps so that even beginners can do it quickly and efficiently.

Let’s go fast.


First of all, prepare.

Make a punch in a large plastic bag, then wrap a towel around your neck and fasten it with clothespins.

Hair is elastic and is tied on the head.


Self-cutting is the most worrisome element, the back hair. For beginners, it’s best to hold with a fist and cut the excess.

Keep squeezing and cutting, and squeezing and cutting repeatedly.

Step 2

side. Cut the sideburns. If you play from the ear to the front with a comb, extra hair will come out, so cut it with a pinch vertically.

Without changing the length of the front part of the ear, pinch it from above the ear and cut it so that the ear is half hidden.

Step 3

Top. Take the hair on the top of the head from the front to the back with a comb, pinch it between the index and middle fingers of the left hand, and lift it toward the ceiling.

Insert the comb between the little finger and the ring finger of the left hand and cut the protruding part while looking at the mirror.

Step 4

Connect the place where the ear is about half exposed and the place where the top is aligned, drawing a gentle arc.

Step 5

With  the Squeeze scissors, and just pinching it, Squeeze it. Repeat. It’s a tough job, but slightly twist it with your left thumb and forefinger, and screw it 3 times with a scissors from the root to the tip of the hair.

Please adjust the small protruding hair.

Self-cutting method summary

Before After

It was a self-cut that could be done in 5 steps.

I can’t go to the beauty salon in Coronaurs. I can’t even go to a barber shop.

I told you how you can easily do your own hair cutting.

It is also explained on YouTube.

please setting automatic translation with your language.

Well then.

I’m Hideki Iinuma, who works as a sculptor and sends information as an art presenter, blogger, and Youtuber.

I look forward to seeing you somewhere again.

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