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Explain the [difference] between [illustration] and [painting] for three reasons How to find ?



Hello, my name is Art presenter hidekiiinuma 

The difference between [illustration] and [painting] is difficult to understand.

I’ll try to explain three things as easily as possible.

1. Order or selfish

2. Are you betting your life honestly?

3. Things that you will never get tired of

1. Order or selfish


Illustration is in the field of commercial art, commercial art

Picture books, magazine covers, illustrations, advertising pictures, package pictures, pictures inserted on the web, etc.

It is a picture ordered and drawn to explain or promote something.

It will make it only after receiving an order.

Painting is a field of fine art and fine art

This is an art in which an artist creates what he or she wants to express.

We are a hot seller and always pursue new expressions even if who have collectors. I don’t even know if the work will sell while I’m creating it.

I draw because I want to draw. I make it because I want to make it

That is the paintings and sculptures called fine art.

2. The difference from a child’s picture is whether you are betting your life honestly


Whether it’s a realistic picture, a cartoon-like picture, a child-like picture, or a CG picture, if it’s not something that is used for something, but something that you just see, it looks like art.

But art is to spend your life doing simple things honestly.

An artist is someone who is too honest and inflexible.

Children’s drawings have no worries, sufferings, or concepts.

It’s a strict view, isn’t it? 

However, paintings have continued to exist in a dangerous state due to this rigor.

3. Things that you will never get tired of


Now I will teach you how to find the answer to the difference between illustration and painting for yourself.

See real paintings, visit the museum and feel the breath of art from the real thing. Then buy a painting.

Unlike anime and idol posters on the walls of a room during adolescence, paintings and sculptures purchased as an adult become a part of life. It will be a part of life together.

Just as the production of a painting is personal, the appreciation of the painting and its value are personal.

Things that get bored quickly don’t become paintings, they never get bored

That’s why it’s been handed down for hundreds of years.



How was it? I briefly wrote about the difference between illustrations and paintings.

If you think harder, you will have many problems.

But this time, I took up three minimally and explained the difference between painting and illustration.

If you understand the difference between this painting and the illustration, you can understand the following differences.

Design and art

Crafts Crafts and Art

Photography and art

Fashion and art

Contemporary art and art

Contemporary art and art

Art and art

Music and art

Theater and art

Movies and art

Literature and art

Projection mapping and art

Experience-based facilities and art

Science science and art

Anime and art

Entertainer and art

Figures and sculptures

Dolls and sculptures

Thank you for reading until the end. You are very kind.

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