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“Salon des Refusés” of ATLIA Kawaguchi [New Artist Exhibition] on the web

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By the way, this is a privilege of personal blog.

No permission has been granted to the selected artist.

Exhibition  was from September 7 ( Sat ) to 23 ( Mon / holiday ) , 2019

In the second judging presentation exhibition, 

We had to prepare the exhibition without any financial support, and I had to do all the import and export for the installation.

YOU were chosen! 

While the festival has been raised,

But, It was pushed down for the reason of open judging.

It was a public execution using the public power of Kawaguchi City to thoroughly bully individual artists.

But don’t dissipate. It’s better not to write bad things on my blog.

I decided to make the “Salon des Refusés”  on the web here.

(exhibition of rejects ) 

So it was 1863. 

that was held in France 150 years ago

 novel Emil Zola’s “Production” (Japanese you need translate)

So, Let’s features of my blog

I am writing Art History Series for Five People.

I decided to attach it as a part of it.


I’m sorry for an artist who was not selected here whose lost.

It is for a simple reason.

On the day of the public competition open judging of ATLIA Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture.

Kawaguchi ATLIA curator said that the second party will be held for a fee of 4,000 yen.(40 US doller )

Yeah. What?

I picked up five people including me who was at the same table at the izakaya (Japanese style restaurant ). 

The judge is not guilty.

The judges are just getting a 150 us doller fee to judge.

We were dropped, but they are  making a really good work.

I would like to introduce 5 artists.

Seiko Hihara


Source https://seikohihara.wordpress.com/2018/01/06/family-portrait/

Hihara-san is studying abroad in the Czech Republic and just came back to Japan.

Born in Okayama Prefecture, (

West japan)she is a wonderful artist who uses embroidery and paints while blurring acrylic paint while applying gradation.

She recently worked part-time at SCAI The Bath House,

We met at the opening of the art complex of Warehouse Terada gallery . 

The Academy of Fine Arts in Prague also took the title of Master, 

She has won the highest award and is also an exchange student at the Academy of The Den Hague, The Netherlands.

Recently, she received an award given to a young artist in Okayama, Japan. 

It is expected to be increasingly active. 



source http://igallery.sakura.ne.jp/dc74/dc74.html

After getting a Ph.D. from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2019, 

I participate in various art events. 

A project before the demolition of a former French embassy that became a hot topic in 2009 

Norman’s land 

She was also participating in 

In recent years, she has also worked as an artist assistant in Paris. 

In Paris, where she stayed, she had the experience of thinking about the wine bottle cork production area and materials, 

She continue to ask the relationship between space and work while making small points. 

She has also exhibited at an gallery in Ginza. 

The feminine soft sensitivity of the work is the elegance of the work 

Highlights the subtlety of the shape.

Yoko Okamura


Source http://www.okamurayoko.com/biography.html

Ms. Okamura often does edge exhibitions in Shinjuku 

Shinjuku MEGANE(Glasses) Gallery 

Has been exhibiting in Japan and has been exhibiting at the well-established Akiyama Gallery. 

Performance and the relationship between the image and the object,

It is a delicate work with a story.

She graduated from Musabi oil painting department. 

Soraya Nagai

source https://www.solayanagai.com/birdwatching?lightbox=image110e


This work wraps a kitsch toy around you with a transparent film. 

She has held solo exhibitions at Aomori Museum of Art, Nagoya and Tokyo.

She run around Japan participating in various regional art events.

She from Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture and graduated from Musabi Art University . 

Hideki Iinuma


Finally, of course I’m talking about myself,

I will also introduce my work here. 

Born in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture and living in Tokyo. 

I am creating a female image that combines fashion and contemporary art. 

In Europe, where I studied in the 2000s, 

I studied art education at art schools in four countries. 

After returning to Japan, I had solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in Tokyo and Europe. 

Three of you who could not be introduced this time.


Here are just the links.

Hitomi Usui

Lee Shimbun

Yuni Hong Charpe


How was it?

I hope that who have watched this website.

Someone make an exhibition will be curate.

I will send useful information,

Instagram, YouTube, Twitter

And this blog

Thank you.

Sculptor Hideki Iinuma.

-English-artist, English-blogs



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