TXT [immersive feeling] 5 recommended videos of coolness in a different dimension [Tomorrow x Together]

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Korean K-pop 5 person dance group

Tomorrow x Together

From the shocking debut, now involved in the madness of Japan.

I carefully selected its awesomeness. Please watch the video!

TXT (Tomorrow x Together)

It is a big hit company that has BTS, new boys dance group  which is active in the world, 


Sobun, a leader and 185 cm tall.

Yeonjun, who has the best blue hair in dance.

Heuning Kai, the youngest half and 18 years old.

Beomgyu is a blonde and has a beautiful face.

Taehyun, who has been famous as a child since he was little and has a beautiful high-pitched voice.

It consists of 5 people.


Anyway, my eyes are nailed to the new dance and sharpness.

In addition, the beautiful and cute neutral face is very attractive.

At the first concert in New York, Subin, who wasn’t good at giving a speech with 2,000 people. He managed to sing a big chorus in Korean.

I can barely keep up with the extraordinary coolness.

Actually, it’s fun to search for videos that you haven’t seen yet.




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