What is “art thinking” that the schoolbook does not teach? The reason why “art” you dislike now is useful for business

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Before Corona, the “success method” of finding the correct answer as soon as possible had been emphasized, but in the after-corona, we did not know the correct answer, but entered the phase of “creating new value.”

In fact, this trend has already happened in the “art” world 100 years ago in the early 20th century.

To study 20th century art is to learn various perspectives .

There is data that the dislike of art suddenly increases at the timing of going from elementary school to junior high school in Japan. The reason is that the art class shifts to the acquisition of “techniques” for producing works and “academic knowledge” of art history (methods that teachers can easily teach).

The answer doesn’t have to be one. It is important that there are several. Diversity is richness.

In other words, you can be as it is. You can stay as it is. This leads to “self-affirmation” and “confidence”.

I say again,

Pre-Corona, the “success method” of finding the correct answer as soon as possible was emphasized, and excellent answers were required.


Post-Corona didn’t know the right answer, but entered the phase of “creating new value,” and found out that by making creative and creative discoveries for everyone, the country would become stronger and richer.

Art thinking is, in other words, a multi-viewpoint perspective.

By applying the art appreciation experience, you can change the perspective in your daily life.

I would like everyone to study “art” on this blog through works of the 20th century art and artists.

You can use it for business.




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