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3 reasons why Japanese wear the 【mask】

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Contribution date: 2020-04-06


A friend from a Dutch artist sent me email. Yesterday.

People her in the Netherlands have doubts about the use of a mask. They are also not used to wear one.

In Japan a lot of people are wearing them. 

Is there a proof that it helps?

So I answered this as a Japanese.

It has three reasons.

3 reasons to use a mask

#1 First, don’t touch your mouth, nose and eyes with a virus-infected hand.

-People touch face 3000 time in a day.-

#2 The second is to protect against coughing and sneezing from infected people.

#3 Third, if you have the virus, do not transfer it to others or your family.

Now, the media of each countries are writing an article that analyzes the Japanese (Why are you used to wearing a mask?).

So, as a Japanese, 

I explained why Japanese are wearing masks for three reasons.

JAPAN / Masks have been used for hay fever since the 1970s.


In Japan, hay fever from cypress flower is very problematic.

Japanese women can go out to the city without makeup.


If you wear a mask, you can hide half of your face.

In a way, it’s kind to women.

I understand, worried about terrorism in Europe.

But. Now wear a mask to save your life.

Don’t be shy, wear a mask.

It is a request from me as Japanese.

Let’s get in touch with the community around you and get over the corona virus pandemic.

It was Hideki Iinuma, an art presenter.

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