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Why “Kimetsu no Yaiba” is so popular? charm of “character” and “story”



In this article, I researched and summarized various Japanese blogs about why Kimetsu no Yaiba is so popular.

For those who are busy, let me start with the conclusion.

1 Charm of “character”

2 The charm of “story”

3 “Animation” effect

4 “Diffusion power of the net”

I will introduce it in detail immediately.

1 Charm of “character”

In the questionnaire conducted by Animate, more than 70% cited “characters” as the reason why Kimetsu no Yaiba is interesting.

Among them, the most popular is AGATSUMA ZENITSU more than the main character Tanjiro Kamado.

He is abandoned by his parents and grows up as an orphan. .. He is timid and negative thinking because He is not confident despite her ability. 

However, when tension and fear reach the limit, he sleeps fainting and exerts his original power in a dreaming state. 

Blonde. He love women, and I’m in love with NEZUKO.  There is only one technique, but the strength of only one is attractive.

The words he speaks are really good.

“I will protect Mameko-chan” Yoshiyasu Gazuma (Volume 7)

In the infinite train edition, passengers become prey to demons …! A word of goodness in the scene. Good luck is in love with NEZUKO. Any woman would be happy to make such a confession.

2 The charm of “story”

More than half of all generations think it is the reason for the fun.

The story of a boy who wields a “blade” that “destroys” a “demon” as if reading Japanese character KANJI.

An action-adventure set in the Taisho era 1912-1926. He supports his family on behalf of his father and earns a living by selling charcoal. 

One day, when He went to the town to sell charcoal and returned home, his family was killed by a “demon.” The only surviving younger sister, Nezuko, was transformed into a demon. The main character, Tanjiro Kamado, becomes a “KIMETSUTAI(demon slaughter corps)” that defeats human-eating demons in order to obtain a way to return his younger sister, Nezuko, to humans. In order to restore his sister who became a demon, he struggles to take revenge on the demon who killed his family and defeats the demons one after another. The story of continuing to fight demons.

Easy to get into.

A technique also used in Hollywood movies. Bring shocking content to the beginning and grab the audience’s heart.

The movie “contagion”, which was expected to be a coronavirus for two years, became a hot topic, but it brings shocking content that covers the eyes at the beginning and is never shown to children. Hollywood movies use the “immersive effect” as a common practice.

At the beginning of the story, a tragedy strikes a family of charcoal-grilling craftsmen who have four children in a single-mother family even with the devilish blade.

Contemporaneousness that can superimpose the demon that is born even if it is cut on the coronavirus.

Waiting at home. You can project yourself and embrace yourself as you continue to fight while suffering from yourself and the story’s main character, Tanjiro, who holds back various desires and endures them. What’s more, family love is the basis of the story in a situation where family ties are very strong, such as when a father is at home waiting at home or teleworking.

The author, Koyoharu Gotouge, made his debut as a manga artist in 2014. “Kimetsu no Yaiba”, which started in 2016, is a serial debut work, and the sense of the times are unique and wonderful talents.

Facing the fact of “death”.

Many shōnen manga taboo death, but “Kimetsu no Yaiba” is different. Even important characters die one after another. It’s similar to the modern situation where daily patient numbers are reported in the news in Corona.

A story that cannot be dismissed by simple poetic justice.

There are also “demons” whose brothers and sisters and family ties are enemies, and there is sorrow that cannot be said to be an abomination.

3 Animation effect

 Ufotable, the creator studio of the anime, has a reputation for portraying swordplay actions such as the anime “The Garden of Sinners” and the “Fate” series. It fits the Japanese style of “Kimetsu no Yaiba” and the world of swords. 

The expression of snow like a live-action movie is breathtaking beauty. Because the effect of the type that is a special move is the coolest. It’s like a movie or a music video. The overwhelming quality is so high that you can see it for free on AMAZON Prime Video in Japan.

Yuma Takahashi, one of the producers, has been involved in many hits as a promotional person and does not know his name in the animation industry. The point of view is also sharp.

4 Net diffusion power

 Broadcasting of anime in April 2019 started. It is strange to catch so many fans in a late-night anime with no audience rating. 

This extraordinary explosive power in a short period of time is the spreading power of the net itself. It was teenagers who caused the spread.

More than 80% of the class knows about “Kimetsu no Yaiba”. Many of the reasons They saw it were because the anime group was overwhelming and recommended by there friends, and users who had time to wait at Corona’s home used the “Amazon Prime” subscription. 

It is said that all the adults in their father’s generation, 70s, are also watching. It can be said to be all age type content.


As mentioned above, in this article, I have explained “Why Kimetsu no Yaiba Hit?” from the perspective of the blogger who creates contemporary art for four reasons. 

Sales of novels are also strong every day. Let’s all enjoy it together.

Reference article


When bitten by a demon, it becomes a demon (exactly Corona?). The demons that appear in the ancient Japanese roman Dainagon story, which can also be a picture book. Minamoto no Yoshitsune, (Ushiwakamaru)follows the martial arts of a tengu. And the reason for the hit is that Japanese culture is studded with elements such as ninja as an organization that is not recognized by the government.

Post script 2

As I read through the novel version, I thought that the reason why Kimetsu no Yaiba was a big hit was, “In fact, humans may want to be scolded and angry.” This is because there is a continuous flow of male-dominated women, apprenticeships, and patriarchy, such as the nuances that Tanjiro says, “Because I am the eldest son, it is difficult” and “Because I am a man, do my best.” It is natural from the background of the Taisho era, but it may be a little distorted from the era of modern women’s active participation, LGBTQ, equality orientation, populism. 

When Corona started, Professor Twitter of Kyoto University Just as the words from above echoed to young people, I think they are looking for conservative words from above in the lines spoken in the KIMETSU NO YAIBA.

 Communism and liberalism, which pervades the name “equality,” refuses to be ranked by “difference in ability.” However, it may be because the Japanese actually understand that it is necessary to recognize the “difference in ability” in order for society to grow. 

In other words, the rigor that YES or NO, value and defeat are determined by the “difference in ability” depending on the battle will be a big hit because also kindness flows in the story of Kimetsu no Yaiba. 

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