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Hideki IINUMA       

1975  Nagano, lives and works in Tokyo

Solo Exhibitions

2019, Canon Digital House Ginza, Chiyoda. Tokyo, Japan
2018, Vigilius mountain resort , Merano, Italy
          Tokyo Paradise, SNOW Contemporary, Tokyo, Japan
          New Works , Marian Cramer Projects, Amsterdam, Holland
2017, Amazon Nile Taklamakan, SNOW Contemporary, Minato, Tokyo, Japan
2016, FITING THE GODDESSES, Matsumoto City Museum of Art, Nagano, Japan
2014, Snow contemporary, Tokyo, Japan
2013, Marian Cramer Projects, Amsterdam, Holland
2011, Snow contemporary, Tokyo, Kanazawa, Japan
2010, Marian Cramer Projects, Amsterdam, Holland
2006, Fabian & Claude Walter Galerie, Zurich, Swiss
2005, Ernst Barlach museum, Hamburg, Germany Fabian & Claude Walter Galerie, Zurich, Swiss
2004, Cornelius Pleser, Munich, Germany
2003, Vigilius Mountain Resort, Merano, Italy Cornelius Pleser, Munich, Germany
2002, Maison Billaud, Fontenay-le-Comte, France Cornelius Pleser, Munich, Germany
          Chappelle du Genetil, Chateau-Gontier, France

Group Exhibitions

2017, Echoes from the Past | Tokyo | Berlin | Kerava, Kerava Museum, Finland
          Universal Nature, Tokyo, Japan
2016, hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO, Japan
          Marian Cramer Projects, Amsterdam,Holland CCC Awards, Tokyo, Japan
          Unveiling vol.1, SNOW contemporary, Tokyo,Japan
2015, LUMINE meets ART AWARD, Tokyo,Japan
2014, Red Bull Music Academy ART,Tokyo,Japan
          Taguchi art collection, Matsumoto city museum of art, Nagano, Japan
          NEXT, Hokuto Cultual Center, Nagano, Japan NEXT, Ina Cultual Center, Nagano, Japan
2013, Rokko meets art, Hyougo, Japan
2012, Kiss the heart, Isetan Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
2011, Tongerlohuys Museum, Roosendaal, Holland Tokyo Frontline, Tokyo, Japan
2010, Featuring S(outh) E(ast) A(sia), Fabian & Claude Walter Galerie, Zurich, Swiss
2009, Exemplary, Galerie Tanya Rumpff, Haarlem, Holland
2008, Global nomads, Galerie Tanya Rumpff, Haarlem, Holland
2007, Bird Watching, de Vishal, Haarlem, Holland
2004, Wood Sculpture Symposium, Plauen, Markneukirchen, Germany
          Jeunne creation 2004, Paris, France
2003, acb galeria, Budapest, Hungary
2002, La Biennale A Vos Arts, Rennes, France

Awards & Prize

2013,   Special Recognition Award of Rokko meets art, Hyogo, Japan
2005,   Ernst Barlach Prize, Hamburg, Germany
2004,   First prize of International wood sculpture symposium, Plauen, Germany


1994 - 1998 Bachelor of Arts, Teacher's Licence, Fine-Arts, Tamagawa Univ, Machida, Tokyo
1998 - 2001 Master of Fine-Arts, Aichi Prefecture University Fine-Arts, Aichi
2002 - 2004 diplôme national d'arts plastiques, Ecole régionale des beaux-arts de Nantes, France

1999 10 - 2001 6 - Les atelier du carrousel, Paris, France

2004 1 - 4 Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, Copenhagen, Denemark
2003 10 - 12 Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milan, Italy
2002 11-2003 2 Kunst-Akademie Karlsruhe, Gremany


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